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The night is quiet as Hugo hurries up the three worn stone steps and knocks twice on the door. He's knocking again, as June opens it.

“Heyy, what’s up? What’s the rush?" she asks, shimmying seductively and inviting him in with her fingers.

Hugo takes two steps, “June, I’m leaving. I can’t do it anymore.”

June pauses and turns around, “So this is your goodbye? You know you were right when you said that you can be so selfish.”

She walks back into the house, leaving Hugo standing there with the door wide open. Hugo stares at the door, the hopes of running off dwindling with each moment passing.

Hugo steps through the open door and closes it before drawing a quick breath. Inside is dim inside. The décor on the walls is barely visible in the candlelit spread about. June is waiting inside the living room on the light brown satin couch, her legs crossed and pressed against her chest.

Hugo stops at the entrance to the living room and leans against the frame. Nobody says a word as Chaka Khan plays in the background.

“You know I hate goodbyes,” Hugo says as June looks away.

“I mean, this is already hard enough. Leaving everything, you, I-”

June still refuses to look at him. He moves from the doorway to the chair adjacent to the couch.

“I don’t know what to do. There is nothing for me here. Will you just hear me out?”

June still can’t look at him. The thought of Hugo running off with no explanation is a surreal thought. One she would have considered crazy until now. Shock is a gag shoved into her mouth by a Dom with a devious smile. She felt so many different things; realization is an orgasm and the clarity that comes with it.

When June finally looks up, Hugo is sitting on the couch next to her.

“You bitch! You didn’t even think about me at all; you’re just running away. Why did you even bother coming here?”

“Maybe I was hoping you would come with me, but I know how much this place means to you.”

“Where would we go?” June says locking eyes with Hugo.

“Anywhere, somewhere different, new surroundings, a new smell in the air, a new rhythm of life.” Hugo is motioning with his hands as if creating that very place from his imagination.

“And you want to go to that place without me?”

“That place can be anywhere, but the closest I’ve gotten to it is you. We were born here, and I love this place, but tomorrow is waiting on us.”

Hugo’s hands are working their way from her hands up to June’s face before pulling it close and kissing her deeply once then again and again till June grabs Hugo by the pants.

Holding on to them with a death grip as the kisses become more passionate and frantic until clothes are being ripped off and flung about. Before long June’s legs are clenching around Hugo's lower back, allowing only enough room for a melodic rhythm. Before grabbing him by the shoulder blades and pulling him closer as the melodic rhythm turns into a trap beat. The burning in their chest is now hot coals as the beat finishes and their breathing slows down. She keeps her legs wrapped around him until Hugo rolls over on his back. She’s on top, locked in on his eyes as the musk from the thick atmosphere hangs in the air creating a haze.

“Let’s leave tomorrow,” June says.

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