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Explaining the Matrix Resurrection

  • Zion, the ending of The Matrix Revolution and what exactly happened. What happened in the Matrix Reloaded Explain anti matrix.

So, what happened in The Matrix Reloaded? After growing independent of his programming Agent Smith’s takeover of the Matrix posed a mutual threat to both The Machines and Humans. Which Neo uses to negotiate a truce, in return for defeating Agent Smith, the machines will stop their assault on Zion and allow any human beings that wish to leave the Matrix to do so.

Smith and Neo fight for the survival of not only Zion but the Matrix itself. To win this battle the two sworn enemies, Humans and the Machines join forces. After successfully defeating Agent Smith, staving off the machine’s attack on Zion and bringing peace, in the Matrix Revolution.

NEO’s victory in the synthient (Machine) city came with challenges for the Machines. As some Machines no longer wanted to rule over humans but live amongst them; how it was intended to be when they were created long ago in The Anti-Matrix. These erratic ideas lead to a divide and scarcity amongst the Machines, which causes a civil war. Machine vs Machine! This civil war cemented the acclimation of the new Machines called Synthients.

This effect is the cause to the new iteration of the Matrix, that peace was threatened by the new Architect (The Analyst) and Zion was devastated. Leaving Niobe as the highchair of the council (General) but NEO’s sacrifice to save the Matrix in the third film pays off as the synthients. Help the humans build a new city called IO to protect them from the Machines. An advanced city built with the help of synthients and other programs that have been freed from the Matrix. It’s a place that could never have existed in Zion as they were stuck in a matrix of their own, thinking that it had to be a war against them. Humans' vs Machines.

  • This matrix is a new iteration of the matrix etc...

The Matrix Resurrection is the 4th movie in the Matrix Franchise in which hacker, Thomas Anderson (NEO) discovers the shocking truth about life and how to free himself from the elaborate deception of an evil cyber-intelligence.

The Matrix Resurrections’ new iteration of the Matrix is a reality in which hacker Thomas Anderson (Neo) is now a video game designer who designed the wildly popular game called The Matrix. A video game about, you guessed it, the first three movies in the matrix franchise. The new iteration of The Matrix is different from its predecessor which was ran on facts and formulas. The new Matrix is powered by feelings, a new source of power disguised as desire and fear. So, by keeping Neo and Trinity in close proximity, the longing for each other is computed into desire and fear. A desire for the things people don’t have and fear of losing the things that they do.

Mentally ill NEO is trapped in the new Matrix unable to distinguish the game from reality and after a failed attempt to jump off a building, (The Analyst) the architect of the new Matrix manipulates Neo into taking medicine that is actually the blue pill from the first film. Successfully tricking him into staying in the matrix with no knowledge that anything is wrong, beside the fact that he is mentally ill.

A new Matrix introduces a new Morpheus, new white rabbit, and Trinity. Doing what they are programed to do, free NEO from the matrix.

  • The different possibilities of the new matrix, new Morpheus, new agent smith, Merrill Davinci and his crew from the Matrix reloaded, the possibilities of a different society of higher ups.

If no one will say it, I will. Big, missed opportunity in not being able to land Lawrence Fishbourne (Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) from the first film to reprise their roles. Both characters are iconic and fan favorites of the franchise. Although I have to admit that I love the back story of the new Morpheus, the legendary Morpheus is now an agent with the goal of defending the Matrix from red pills who want to expose the false reality.

Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) you were truly missed. Your replacement (Jonathan Groff) where we were expecting menacing we got calculated. Although I have to admit I loved his character arc, in he learned from his mistakes. Instead of trying to take over the Matrix by force, he makes a pact with Neo in order to defeat the one controlling everything, The Analyst (the new architect).

  • My opinion like and dislikes, personally what I think works and what doesn’t.


The Matrix Resurrection is a jumbled mess that only makes sense if you have a complete understanding of the other three films and the mythology behind the franchise. Such as The Architect, who reveals that this is not the first Matrix—and that Neo is not the first “anomaly” to attempt to bring it down. To further understand, The Anti-Matrix is key because it gives the audience enough history and back story on the machine’s rise to power. It also fills in any blanks you might have from the other films.


The movie is a sore thumb because the goal is to free NEO, who we know can do anything in the Matrix because he is ‘The One’. So, at no time did the audience think that the stakes were high or that anyone would die. It felt like at any point NEO could snap his fingers, do the superhero thing and the movie would be over. It’s very creative but miss uses some of the elements that made the franchise what it was. The beginning feels like the original Matrix movie before it turns into a CGI bout of one at a timeism. While the new Morpheus and the old one reexplains what the matrix is together. Before a CGI finale battle that’s as pointless as thousands of Agents Smiths watching as a single Super-Smith faces off against Neo in The Matrix Revolution.


I loved the way they both were flying at the end of the movie, reminiscent of the ending of the first movie and symbolizing the control both have.


I hate the new agents; the old ones were iconic and menacing. It felt like they really wanted to get the heroes at all costs. Agents are supposed to be dangerous, when the operator tells them that agents are coming its worst-case scenario. Meanwhile bugs can casually get away from said agents while taking care of an awakening Morpheus.


The only thing worse than the agents is the action, originally known for its unmatched action. The action is downplayed with cheesy fight sequences and over the top situations that have very little pay off. Like how they run to the top of a building to escape from the bots and blow up a helicopter to escape. The movie completely forgets about the small army of bots that were seconds behind them and the second helicopter that conveniently shows up right when the audience has forgotten the characters were ever even in trouble.


In between recycled scenes from the first movie and the recreation of similar scenes to replace them. The Matrix Resurrection tries it’s best to recreate the original magic of the first film in almost every scene. So much it’s seems like a cheap remake. Where the studio decided to make a 4th movie based off of everything that went right in the first three movies. How could that go wrong?

The Matrix Resurrection, so complex it hurts.

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